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2024 County Development Meet

Event Conditions, Qualifying Times & Programme

Download the Hy-Tek Files here

Level 3: Licence Number: 3SW241425


Keen’s Elm Lane, Street BA16 0ST

Download Conditions and Qualifying Times pdf here


50m & 100m Open All Strokes including individual medley.
200m individual medley and freestyle, all age groups.
200m breaststroke & backstroke, ages 13/over only.

All events will be Heat Declared Winners (HDW)

Medals awarded to first, second and third places in age groups 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and over.

All events have “slower than” qualifying times.

Agers will be December 31st 2024. Competitors must be aged nine-years-of age on the day of competition.

Maximum entry per swimmer will be five events.

Closing date for entries: 17:00 Hours on Friday, September 13th, 2024.
Entries will be confirmed on Sunday, September 15th, 2024.
Payment by Friday, September 27th, 2024

  1. All events shall be competed for under Swim England Laws and Regulations Technical Rules of racing
  2. This meet has been designated as a development meet (Licensed to Level 3) to extend the opportunity of good class competition for emerging competitors. A maximum time for each event and age group will be published and competitors who have achieved better than that listed are not permitted to enter
  3. The competition is open to members of clubs affiliated to Somerset ASA, eligible to compete and registered in accordance with Swim England laws and technical rules
  4. The Promoter, Somerset ASA, reserves the right to reject any entry without giving a reason. By submitting entries, competitors accept the rules of this competition. Competitors whose entries are accepted and subsequently found to have been entered in the wrong event(s)
    1. because of incorrect entry information will be withdrawn from the event(s) and will not have their entry fees refunded
    2. because of an organiser error, will be withdrawn from the event(s) and will at the organiser’s discretion and without further obligation or liability by the organiser either a) be entered in the correct event or b) receive a refund of the relevant entry fee(s)
  5. The pool is 25m and the competition will be swum short course with anti-wave lane ropes
  6. Clubs are to contact the Meet Promoter if a secondary strobe light is required during the competition
  7. The acceptance of competitors will be based on times submitted. It is essential that only times achieved, or club time trials as agreed by the club coach be entered. As many heats as possible will be run in the time available for the meet. Times must be supplied with entries, NT entries will not be accepted
  8. Competitors who qualify for an individual event in a national competition, after the closing date and before the date of the competition, must advise the Promoter and withdraw from the competition, in which case all entry fees will be refunded.
  9. Competitors who have competed at Regionals within the last 12 months will not be permitted to enter the event they have competed in at that level
  10. Competitors cannot enter an event in which they have achieved an official time faster than the published upper time in any competition, whether licensed or unlicensed, during the specified qualifying period prior to the closing date of the competition.
  11. Competitors with WPS Functional Ability Classification or a Certificate of Swimming Disability achieving Para-Swim/Disability Consideration Standards for County Events will be accepted as time permits
    1. WPS Functional Ability Classification MUST be declared on the entry email. Competitors with a Certificate of Swimming Disability MUST present to the Certificate to the Referee at the start of the relevant session before racing commences.
    2. Para-Swim/Disability competitors may enter any event that is not deemed a Para-Swim Event, subject to satisfying the relevant qualifying or consideration standard(s) as specified in the entry conditions
  12. To ensure safety procedures and protocols are observed, together with the well-being of all competitors, all associated medical conditions must be declared on a Health Information Form with the management plan for the condition and submitted to the Promoter at least two weeks before the date of competition. The declaration shall be made by the competitor/parent/guardian for the sole use of those persons with responsibility for health and safety during the competition. The content of the declaration will be held in strict confidence, and only shared when essential to ensure the safety of the competitor during the competition. The forms submitted by competitors entering an event in this meet will be held securely on file until the final Somerset ASA competition of the 2024/2025 season.
  13. All competitors must be Swim England Club Compete registered prior to submitting entries
  14. The Female category is for birth sex females in accordance with Swim England’s Transgender and non-Binary Competition Policy. By entering the ‘Female’ category, a swimmer confirms that their birth sex is female
  15. Competitors are only permitted to enter five (5) events
  16. Competitors must be race ready when reporting to marshalling
  17. Should the event be oversubscribed an equal amount of the fastest competitors from each event and age group will be scratched
  18. Entries are to be made via Hy-Tek Team Manager compatible format. All entries are to be emailed to and include the information requested on the Event Entry Submission. The closing date for entries will be 17:00 hours on Friday, September 13th, 2024
  19. Confirmation of entries and entry fees to pay will be received by clubs on Sunday 15th September 2024. Clubs are to check their confirmed entries thoroughly in case competitors have been scratched in line with point 17 above
  20. Once entries have been confirmed to clubs no refunds will be given for competitors who subsequently withdraw
  21. A refund for withdrawal on medical grounds will be considered provided a request is made to the Promoter no later than 72 hours prior to the start date and time of the applicable weekend of competition and must be supported with a medical note within four weeks of that date
  22. The entry fee is £4.00 per event
  23. Payment by BACs transfer only must be paid directly into to the Somerset ASA bank account by Friday, September 27th, 2024. Evidence of cleared funds will be confirmed by the Treasurer to the Competition Secretary prior to the event. Clubs who do not have evidence of cleared funds by the date above will not be able to compete. Ensure the club name is used as reference when submitting payment.
    Bank details: HSBC
    Sort Code: 40-44-33
    Account Number:  62083051
  24. Coach, Team Manager and Chaperone passes will be available at a cost of £10.00 to any club which has competitors accepted. Clubs must adhere to SE1048 Swim England Team Manager, Coach and Chaperone Policy. The correct number of passes must be applied for and paid for, numbers purchased are dependent on the maximum number of competitors clubs have attending at any one time.
  25. Clubs must contact the promoter if they have a swimmer who needs a chaperone in addition to their coach pass quota
  26. Only competitors reporting for their event, required volunteers and appointed officials are allowed on the poolside during the meet
  27. During warmups, only coaches holding valid meet passes will be permitted on the poolside
  28. Application for coach packs should be made when submitting entries
  29. Only Coaches/Team Manager’s wearing Coach Passes are permitted on the competitors balcony
  30. All Team Managers, Coaches and Chaperones must:
    1. Apply for their accreditation using the Swim England Membership platform. Swim England Member Options
    2. Ensure you have uploaded a photograph of yourself
    3. Then select ‘Purchase accreditations for events’
    4. Then select ‘Swim England DBS, Safeguarding, qualification check’ and submit a request for your accreditation to cover the correct date period
    5. You will be emailed your accreditation and there is no cost to pay for your accreditation
    6. This process will safeguard our swimmers by ensuring that all adults holding Coach passes have the right qualification and checks in place.
  31. The number of purchased Coach passes will be available at the Front of House and are to be signed for on a daily basis by individuals holding a valid accreditation, including a photograph. Coach passes are to be returned at the end of the day and signed out the following day.
  32. Ages will be as on 31st December 2024, all competitors must be aged 9 to compete on the day of their competition.
  33. Heats will be pre-seeded. Competitors do not need to sign in. The organisers reserve the right to amend the running order of the events and to add non-scoring competitors at their sole discretion should it become necessary. All events will be Heat Declared Winner. Entries will be seeded into heats from submitted times, these will be seeded before the event, where competitors have withdrawn late the lane will be left empty. Slowest heats will be swum first. All heats will be spearheaded
  34. Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals will be awarded to the first three competitors in each age group, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 and over
  35. Medals will be awarded to the top three placed Para-Swim/Disability competitors in each event, which shall be determined on a multi-Para-Swim/Disability basis
  36. During the meet and in case of unforeseen circumstances out of our control the Referee may need to alter the conditions to ensure the smooth running of the competition
  37. Any swimmer breaking these conditions will be liable to disqualification from any or all events
  38. The Organiser reserves the right to ban the use of gas hooters, klaxons etc., which in the Organiser’s opinion, could be a hazard or danger to competitors, officials or spectators
  39. All clubs with five or more swimmers are kindly requested to provide qualified and licensed officials to assist with the officiating of the event during each session. The promoter will endeavour to ensure enough officials and timekeepers meet the licence requirements for each session, however if this proves not to be achievable the times for the swimmers will not be accepted by Rankings
  40. Officials who officiate at any of the Sessions will be entitled to Mileage Expenses at a Rate of 45p per mile from their home address to the Pool Venue and return, with a limit of one claim per day, regardless of the number of sessions attended on that day. Officials should request an Expenses Application Form from a Referee which should be completed and returned to that Referee during the duration of the Meet
  41. It is also requested of clubs that enough volunteers are encouraged to support the event to ensure our swimmers are competing in a safe and secure environment
  42. The Meet Promoter will make every effort to run the event. In any situation that the meet must be cancelled competitors are not eligible for full refunds of their entry fees. Proportionate refunds may be made but only after the promoter has covered all incurred costs
  43. The Promoter will make every effort to run the event at the advertised licence level. In any situation that the meet must be run at either unlicensed or at a lower licence level, competitors are not eligible for refunds of their entry fees
  44. Code of Conduct All clubs, their coaches, team managers, swimmers and parents are familiar with Swim England’s Code of Conduct which is included in Swim England’s Safeguarding Policy, known as Wavepower. This meet is run under the protection of this policy and all visitors to the complex will be expected to abide by the policy. Somerset ASA has a zero tolerance to any breach of any code of conduct and anyone who is deemed in breach of a code of conduct will be asked to leave the venue and reported to the Management Committee for further investigation
  45. Data Protection Declaration
    1. Competitors
      1. agree to abide by the Competition’s Entry Conditions
      2. must provide information which is correct and accurate to the best of their knowledge 3. consent to their personal data being collected, stored, used, shared and transferred by Somerset ASA in accordance with Somerset ASA’s Privacy Policy, which can be found here:
    2. Clubs
      1. agree to act as a Data Processor on behalf of Somerset ASA for the collection, storage, use, sharing and transfer of the personal data of members who have made the above competitor declaration in support of entry into this competition
      2. agree to submit Batch Entries which are correct and accurate to the best of their knowledge
      3. must promptly make the Promoter aware of any exceptions and
      4. agree to resolve any queries directly with the member(s) concerned.
  46. Photography & Imagery Consent
    1. Your privacy is important to us. Any concerns during an event should be reported to the Promoter or an appropriate member of the Meet Management team
    2. This event may be photographed and videoed by our Privacy Policy Media may be displayed on our website , on our social media accounts and used to promote the event and events in the future. If you have any concerns, please refer to the ASA. Photography Guidance in Wavepower 2024
    3. Somerset ASA may have official photographers and may record the competition events in which you are participating, and general images of swimmers, coaches, officials, parents and volunteers will form part of the information we hold and use. In addition to the purposes for general information set out above, Somerset ASA may use these recordings and images for the purposes of education and training, inclusion in press releases and Club Communications, and event promotion.
    4. If swimmers, coaches, officials, parents and volunteers have any concerns with their child / themselves being photographed / filmed at our events please contact the Promoter by email or call 07780 733 512 prior to the event.
    5. Please note consent will be valid for three years or in the case of consent by a parent / guardian on behalf of a child, the shorter period of three years, or until the child’s 16th birthday. You can withdraw or change your consent at any time.
    6. Where you do not grant consent, we will not be able to use your imagery except in certain limited situations, such as where required to do so by law or to protect members of the public from serious harm.


Day 1 | Saturday, October 5th, 2024
Ages 9, 10, 11 & 12

Millfield School Pool, Keen’s Elm Lane, Street BA16 0ST

Session 1: Warm-up starts at 08:25 hours*Session 2: Warm-up starts at 13:25 hours*
Competition starts: 09:30 hours*Competition starts: 14:30 hours*
101Open/Male 200m IM201Female 200m IM
102Female 200m Freestyle202Open/Male 200m Freestyle
103Open/Male 100m Freestyle203Female 100m Freestyle
104Female 50m Butterfly204Open/Male 50m Butterfly
105Open/Male 100m Butterfly205Female 100m Butterfly
106Female 50m Breaststroke206Open/Male 50m Breaststroke
107Open/Male 100m Breaststroke207Female 100m Breaststroke
108Female 100m Backstroke208Open/Male 100m Butterfly
109Open/Male 50m Backstroke209Female 50m Backstroke
110Female 100m IM210Open/Male 100m IM
111Open/Male 50m Freestyle211Female 50m Freestyle

Day 2 | Sunday, October 6th, 2024
Ages 13, 14, 15 & Over

Millfield School Pool, Keen’s Elm Lane, Street BA16 0ST

Session 1: Warm-up starts at 08:25 hours*Session 2: Warm-up starts at 13:25 hours*
Competition starts: 09:30 hours*Competition starts: 14:30 hours*
301Open/Male 200m IM401Female 200m IM
302Female 200m Freestyle402Open/Male 200m Freestyle
303Open/Male 100m Backstroke403Female 100m Backstroke
304Female 50m Butterfly404Open/Male 50m Butterfly
305Open/Male 200m Breaststroke405Female 200m Breaststroke
306Female 100m Butterfly406Open/Male 100m Butterfly
307Open/Male 50m Backstroke407Female 50m Backstroke
308Female 200m Backstroke408Open/Male 200m Backstroke
309Open/Male 100m Freestyle409Female 100m Freestyle
310Female 50m Breaststroke410Open/Male 50 Breaststroke
311Open/Male 100m Breaststroke411Female 100m Breaststroke
312Female 100m IM412Open/Male 100m IM
313Open/Male 50m Freestyle413Female 50m Freestyle

*Start times are a guideline only, and will be confirmed once all entries are received and confirmed.


Slower than the times stated below

EVENT9101112131415 & OVER
50m Freestyle43.0043.0039.0035.0033.0032.5031.50
100m Freestyle1:38.001:38.001:22.001:14.001:09.501:09.001:08.00
200m Freestyle3:15.003:
50m Backstroke50.0050.0046.0040.0038.0037.5036.50
100m Backstroke1.
200m Backstroke2:56.002:54.002:50.00
50m Breaststroke58.0058.0052.0046.0044.0043.5042.00
100m Breaststroke2:03.002:
200m Breaststroke3:17.003:16.003:15.00
50m Butterfly52.0052.0046.5040.0038.0037.5037.00
100m Butterfly2:06.002:06.001:50.001:29.001:26.001:22.001:21.00
100m Individual Medley1:47.001:47.001:33.001:28.001:26.001:22.001:20.00
200m Individual Medley3:44.003:44.003:24.003:03.002:58.002:56.002:52.00
EVENT9101112131415 & OVER
50m Freestyle47.0047.0039.0034.2032.0031.2029.30
100m Freestyle1:33.001:33.001:24.001:13.001:08.001:07.001:03.00
200m Freestyle3:06.003:06.002:56.002:37.002:29.002:24.002:19.00
50m Backstroke56.0056.0045.0041.0038.5037.5033.50
100m Backstroke1:52.501:52.501:36.501:23.501:20.501:19.501:14.00
200m Backstroke2:58.002:48.002:37.00
50m Breaststroke1:04.001:04.0052.5047.5043.5042.5041.00
100m Breaststroke2:11.002:11.002:01.001:41.001:35.001:29.001:25.00
200m Breaststroke3:22.003:17.003:08.00
50m Butterfly54.0054.0051.0043.0039.5038.0034.00
100m Butterfly2:00.002:00.001:50.001:47.001:30.001:25.001:15.00
100m Individual Medley1:40.001:40.001:30.001:28.001:26.001:22.001:20.00
200m Individual Medley3:35.003:35.003:25.003:00.002:50.002:45.002:38.00

Ages will be as at December 31st 2024.
Minimum age to compete is nine-years old on the day of competition.