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Past and Present County Presidents

Paul Chillingworth was inaugurated as the new Somerset ASA County President.

Paul moved to Somerset in 2012 from Hong Kong where he had been President of Mantas Swimming Club. His children initially joined Cheddar Kingfishers and Street Swimming Clubs, and he become treasurer of Street within a couple of weeks of joining. He went on to become Chair in two different spells, and trained as a coach, and then an official, progressing to become a swimming referee in 2019.

Paul continues to regularly coach, and act as a referee at swim meets for a variety of different clubs. He has recently taken on the role of referee training for the county, alongside Chris Metcalfe, and is also the county’s welfare officer, drawing on his experience in this field in education.

His children have swum with a number of clubs in the region, and his daughter has recently started Masters Swimming in Bristol, and his son has represented his native Hong Kong at three World Championships.

1902  J S Walker 1903  J S Walker 1904  M Jones
1905  J C Richardson 1906  H H Newport 1907  F W Wright
1908  G Warne 1909  G H Holway 1910  J Rowsell
1911  Dr L Meade-King 1912  L W Carder 1913  W H Weeks
1914  A J Clare 1915  N J Reynolds 1916 – 1918  No Elections
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